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Cooks Forest

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Looking to go up for a long weekend in June. Looking at both Deer Meadow Campground and Kalyumet Campground.

Anyone ever stay at either of these? Looking for pros and cons for both.

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Kalyumet has a general Store and swimming pool at thier entrance . I've never been to Deer Meadow .
My preference is the state park campground. Running water, flush toilets, showers, electric, pet and no-pet sites. Plus you can go tot he DCNR website and make a reservation right now.
ive stayed at deer meadows not a bad place they can use a little work (cleaning) on the showers the state park campground down the road is real nice
As much as I love state parks, it isn't feasible for this trip. I don't want to tear down camp to empty the holding tanks after 4 days. Looking at these two campgrounds as they have full hookups.

Thanks for the info.!
Campers Paradise camp ground is near there too. its on rt. 949 near clear creek state park. they have full hookups. cabins too. ive stayed there many times. state forests are right behind the campground. not as big as deer meadows. check out their website.
Stayed at Kalyumet last August. Very nice showers, playground, and pool for the family. The general store has any odds and ends that one may need and if you get a rainy day there is a arcade within walking distance. I was very pleased with it and you can reserve online as well.
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