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I've made a goal to contribute to the NRA whatever little
extra I can afford, whether it be 5,10,20 a month.
I used to get annoyed with the NRA beyond my membership
asking for donations. On occasion I did donate.
My belief now is us gun owners are in for a fight for our
gun rights that we have never seen before.
With the WHACKO liberal direction this country is going in
we need to pull together like never before.
If your not a follower of Fox News start paying attention,
you will get info on the anti gun movement that the bassic liberal media is not telling you.

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I am with you there.

In addition to this, just think, if every member would sign up a mininum of 1 member we could double the ranks to make the politicians who are anti gun stand up and notice.

Came up short on changing Presidents in the last elections, but we can sure change the under study political offices in the upcoming elections by banding together.

I have convinced 2 gun owners to sign up, and have made a donation of my own to help protect our 2nd amendment rights without change.

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