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conservation camp

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monroe county conservation district will be hosting their 39th conservation camp july 20 - to 27th . all kinds of great outdoor things will be presented by a host of people .the highlight is a two day , 26 mile canoe trip on the delaware river . anyone that has or knows of kids who would like this can pm me for details . some of the presenters are , pennsylvania fish and boat ,pennsylvania game commission , maple syrup ,honeybees , trapping , soil and conservation use , archery , gun safety and being able to shoot ,reptile and amphibians , and a list of others .
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dietsch said:
if you are not monroe county resident your application will be saved and if by our may meeting the camp isn't filling up it will be approved . every year kids from other counties get accepted . the last few years we haven't been able to fill up all the cabins so i think their is a great chance for kids from other counties to get in again this year . i actually did this camp in "84 and my two oldest kids have also done it .great learning experience . if you need a application pm me your address and i would be happy to send you a application.
Thanks, but my kids are still too little (oldest is 10). I will pass the info along if I hear of a kid who is interested in this kind of opportunity. I know a few who might be and we don't always hear about these great opportunities since we are in the city.
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