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First, my apology for posting this so late. Although the grand event took place on Saturday, I was on the road all day yesterday and didnt
get home to post this until just now.
Also my notes are still in the car, and if you've traveled extensively you know that means they wont be found before the next full moon.
I guess I'll start with the article as it was writen in the local newspaper and posted online, and add a few of my own observations. Other staff members and friends who attended will probably add their own impressions.
Okay, here's the article;

<span style="font-size: 17pt">Warren County Couple Finally Ties The Knot!</span>

<span style="font-style: italic">Staff writer Martha Carasco
March 31st, 2013</span>

It was big news in Warren County today when, after living together for two decades Mr. and Mrs. John Mack were actually wed.
When asked why they waited so long the new Mrs. Mack said that she and her husband were very family oriented and that they had always wanted to wait until their children were old enough to participate and enjoy the ceremony.
Their son John was their best man, and their daughter Jess was her mother's Maid Of Honor.
The extensive guest list, with over five hundred attendees from five different States necessitated holding the wedding in the Warren High School Gymnasium, and caterers served the Reception Dinner in the gymnasium also.
Transportation for the newlyweds was provided by Indian Run Limos.....


Of course the Mr. Mack referred to in the article is our own RB, the owner of HuntingPa.
Feel free to jump in and congratulate the newlywed couple!

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About time Rooster !! Put a ring on it , join us married folk .....nice to see so many kin attend as well . Enough venison to go around ??

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Wow - I thought I was the "Champ" being together with my wife for 10 years before getting married. RB doubled my 'claim to fame' beating me soundly at the 'waiting game!'

Congratulations! You're my marriage-waiting hero!!!

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LOL...I knew i should of not logged in today, not with the crew I got here.
got to admit with all the "marriage" in the news lately it could of been alot worse of a prank so for that I am thankful.

To be clear, there is NO WAY my wife would of married me now after spending 21 years with me first...NONE...ZERO...If i would not of got her hitched up way back when I was charming,in good shape, and not so grumpy I would never of got her..LOL

In keeping with the spirit of things of my previously beloved children got me April fools style right before lunch today. Lil Joe has been under the weather since Friday night, just not a great weekend for him , lots of laying around under the blankets. Well school is off today here, so everyone is at home and Joey calls at the office in a sad voice and tells me Mom took him to the doctors and they said he had to get his tonsils out, using the saddest little voice about how he is scared and does not want the I jump right into father mode..about how there is nothing to it buddy, your a tough soldier, it will make you feel better, and you get to eat ice cream,etc..he says well they want to do it today..."TODAY!!" i respond, thinking how serious is this ???? and how am I going to reschedule this and that to get there...and he says "yep today on April fools day"

He has been grounded for 2 weeks. My wife gets a week for aiding the offender in the crime. DIYASUB has been banned for a week as well because of this post. Good news is a guy like me is born every i am not alone.

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Well I know you cant believe much that DIY tells ya, but I was thinking " Man where can I find a woman like that, that would live together for 20 years and not want to get married.. Thinking some guys have all the luck, So DIY we owe you one......
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