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Chances are most of the hunters here on the muzzleloader forum have been hunting deer with muzzleloaders or other weapons for years. But you still have to factor in the possibility of a few brand new hunters.

About 7 years ago the first time I shot at a deer I had a FIVE YARD shot. I was so excited it tried shooting it with the safety of my 30-30 still on. Then after it ran and stopped 20 yards away I got the safety off then fired completely missing the thing. If I had been presented with the same shot this last rifle season would I have forgotten my safety and would I have missed the shot? Probably not. Hunting at least for me took a bit to get used to. I missed a lot of good shots when I was a young hunter. Others might be able to pick up a gun and instantly be a great hunter, but it might take some a while longer. I'm still becoming a better hunter--I don't miss quite as much as I used to, but I still do. Like when last October muzzleloader season when I miss calculated the distance and tried to long of a shot. Next time I'll be more careful about distances when hunting with a muzzleloader, so I learned from that and became a better hunter. And like a few of you have said I check carefully for a blood trail its just the responsible thing to do.

On the hand I had a great grandfather who years ago shot a buck from the same tree with his 30-40 craig ten years in a row with only one shot a deer. Everyone one is different and we hunt in different places and terrain.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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