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This is a sad story but it shows the compassion we as hunters hold for the game we pursue.
My grandfather was a farmer and a great mentor in my passion for hunting and trapping. He was also a great hunter. He loved small game and coon hunting the most.
He would take me out on his trapline when I was to young to keep up for sure. I know I have a picture when I was 4 holding 1 of his muskrats.
He was the one who I was with when I was 7 and he handed me the .22 when there was a fox squirrel that just wanted shot. It was my first kill.
He was the one who found the walleyes holding in the backwater at the river and let me catch one after the other as he watched on.
He is the one that the family couldn't afford to have his grave with no ones knowledge I went with shovel in hand and when the progression arrived it was done and at the bottom of his grave I placed a white rooster tail..his favorite trout lure. As my Father and Grandmother placed his ash box they both smiled with tears my Grandmother stated...Oh Ted you have your lure... there are trout in heaven.
My grandfather meant the world to me and without him always having the time to take me hunting,trapping or fishing I would not be the man I am.
One story always stuck with me though. This was a man who could slaughter a hog or a cow. But there was this time he was out deer hunting and he took what he thought was a good shot at a doe. At the shot the deer went down..but it was not a kill shot and the deer started bleating. He obviously went to the deer and finished it off. This was back in the day when there were not many deer and should have been a proud moment. He was so disappointed in what had occurred that he didn't take any pride in it whatsoever. From that day forward he still took to the woods but he only ever harvested 1 other deer.
He had so much compassion for the game he pursued that he never got over that moment.
For everything my Grandfather meant to me and taught make sure of your shot for a clean kill has always stuck with me.
Thanks for everything Grandpa...hope the trout are biting.
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