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Colorado elk draw results

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Found out I drew a 1st rifle tag for unit 70! Now the prep work begins.
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I'll be hunting during Colorado Archery Elk again this year.
Good luck
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I thought draw results were posted June 1st?
Heit said:
I thought draw results were posted June 1st?
There is a "back door" method to check.

Go to the CPW site Click on the "Buy/Apply for licenses" link
Log in and go to "Habitat Stamp and all other licenses"

There will be a list of "Products already on file" at the bottom of the page

If you drew, you will have an item that starts with a 500 number and it will not say 'App' after the species
I'm headed to the flat tops first rifle season
Be out in CO high country in September again..
I applied for a bull muzzleloader, but did not get it. 12 out of 14 nonresidents with the same number of preference points as me go the tag, guess I wasn't lucky enough. Still going hunting this year though, Ill just be bringing the bow.
We didn't draw for deer for 2 nd rifle. Oh well maybe next year.
My granddaughter missed all deer season last year due to Pneumonia so I told her I'd treat her to a CO elk hunt if we could get drawn. We opted to try for cow elk tags and also a mule deer buck for her. Pretty excited we drew first choice tags for both. Really looking forward to getting her out West this fall.
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1 bull muzzleloader tag and a OTC archery tag for my friend and I.
That should cover from 5 to a 125 yards. Many years we've had bulls hang up 60 to a hundred yards out.
Contacted CDW today, licenses should go out this week or next.
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