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My uncle and I got after some geese I'd found using a spring pond on Thursday.

The hide....

We started the morning off with a pair dropping into the dekes like long lost relatives. I was able to connect and my uncle whiffed. While hiding the goose I shot, a flock of black ducks worked in and my uncle was able to connect.

Angel making the retrieve

Angel & Jeff with his black duck

Next, I worked a flock of a 10-12 honkers into the hole feet down. I went 3 for 3 and made a long shot with my 3rd shot knocking down a retreating bird. Angel retrieved one of the birds dead in the water and I decided to go after the goose I knocked down with my third shot as it was a BIG ol gander and had his head up on alert still alive. I put a finishing shot on him and flipped him over to find something shiny on his leg.

Banded '08 in central Ohio

We called it a day with four geese and 2 ducks in our bag. Angel made 4 great retrieves and did awesome on a mallard that tried putting the escape on us.

Hero shot
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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