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Climber Reccomendations?

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I am going to be buying a new climber for archery season. I've always used ladder stands, but now that I'm getting more into archery I want to be more mobile and a climber seems almost like a necessity to me.

So which one do you guys reccomend? I've never used a climber before, but I'm a pretty experienced hunter, I'm in decent shape, etc. Please give me advice on which ones are easiest to carry/use, which ones are most comfortable, which ones are the best value, etc.

Any advice is appreciated.

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trust me , take a look at API treestands or summit. You can not go wrong with the grand slam or viper ss.
I have an Equalizer and love it. No complaints and I spend a lot of time in it.
I have heard alot of good things about Timber Tall. However they are pricey and I think you have to buy them directly from the company.
Might want to check out the climber made by Lone Wolf.....very light and comfortable.
My choice by far.
I like my Summits. Have one that is probably close to 20 years old, Saber?? and its still workin well. I upgraded to the Viper SS a few years back and really like it as well!! A lot more comfortable than the old one
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sticker said:
Summit Viper
+1 awesome climbers. light, quiet, and most important safe
I have a timber tall. Best stand hands down. The adjustments to the size tree alone make it worth the extra money. Life time warranty and made in PA is a plus...
patchedball1 said:
What he said. I've had mine for 9 years and I don't see myself ever wanting another stand.
summit brand, i personally like and have used the summit viper for 7 years now
What you should do is try different brands. Im sure there's people on here or buddies that would let you test there stand out on a tree. I use a Lone Wolf sit & climb. I have used loggy climbers and Summit Climbers. The Wolf was the best all around stand for me. I wanted my stand to fold up flat because I didn't have a truck bed for the summit. I had a summit Broadhead Backpacker that folded up but did not care for it. They are all good stands , to save you money it would be best to try different ones. I have altered my Lone Wolf into my version of a perfect climber. I changed the seat to a net seat. I also made my stands leveling adjustable while up in the tree. If your ever in my area I would be happy to let you climb some trees to let you get the feel of the Lone Wolf.
Thank you all very much for your opinions! It looks like I have a lot of research/testing to do, but you guys have definitely narrowed things down for me a lot! Much appreciated!
I always stress the importance of buying a LIGHTWEIGHT climber. My Ameristep in extremely safe and sturdy and comfortable...but heavy... Keep weight at the top of your list...
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