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Hello all, not sure where to start with this project so I figured I would start here.
I have acquired a couple guns that are extremely in there is not a lick of oil on them anywhere. That being said I can see a dot of rust here or there on the outside and inside the barrel I can see some dots of rust here or little tiny pin heads.
Where do I start with these? Do I soak them with an oil patch? and let them sit and then what? I am mainly concerned with the inner barrel. I don't want to run the wrong thing down there first and regret it. Not sure if I should let these barrels get some oil on them or what.
Also, if someone can suggest a proper order as to oil, brush type, patch...a procedure if you will, I would really appreciate it.
Thanks, Paul

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MY first question would be , what is the value of these guns, are they collector like guns, or , plan to be beater/shooters?

as cleaning a collectible and cleaning a gun with plans to use, to me are two different things

cleaning a collectible MIGHT de value it some or a LOT, or add value to it? pending what it is and what your future plans are

Over the yrs I have bought many many gun collections off older farmers, that kept guns in the attic, and to say they were dry was a understatement
some sat there for 40+ yrs and never seen oil in maybe 60 yrs or more

on NON collectible guns, I start with wiping down everything with a basic oil, like WD-40, and start removing the easy stuff and that seems to add a little life to things, I will spray down the bore and let things soak a while too
and then I always start with VERY well oiled patches, might take a few hundred, so be prepared!
I also start with under sized brushes, so not to be too aggressive on things
then add a patch to that under sized brush with oil, then switch to solvent, let some time pass between that to allow it to work
then go back to oil and under sized brush with patches till fairly clean

at this point I examine the bore better
if its very pitted or??
I base what happens next on that, once a bore is pitted, there is NO fixing it, how far pitted will determine if its SAFE or not for me to think about shooting/using

surface rust on metal?
again, is based on what the gun is or not
, if it has any value to be collected, removing this can devalue things, as can cleaning it, as it will loose its long earned aging process of what many collectors look for on OLD things

if you don't care and just want gun in better shape oiled steel wool will work, start again with JUST oil on a rag and work your way up to steel wool

I don't start to use higher end oils till it turns out to be worth using on it
again, it really depends on the gun I am starting with
real easy to waste more time and money on guns NOT worth saving at time

the name of the game to me is go slow till you see what you really have to work with!
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