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City Coyotes....

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My column this week is about the coyote I called in on Labor Day weekend, IN CHICAGO!
Here is is: Do Coyotes Live in Your City?
Coyotes are everywhere, including the major cities (so I suppose the PGC must have stocked them there).

As coyotes have filled their niche, their population continued to grow and they have needed to adapt to where the people are. Breeding populations are found in Chicago, New York, Houston, Seattle, and most other major cities. They are commonly seen in smaller towns, too, but if they have plenty of habitat around those towns so they don't really need to set up housekeeping there. They'll wander through, hunt for food, and maybe take an occasional pet, but they don't often den in the smaller towns (especially in PA) because they don't need to. I'm figuring the smaller the town the less likely they'll den under someone's porch or shed, or behind the woodpile. These kinds of places are sought out in cities, however.

They have been in my yard, but they don't live there. They're not far away, however, and are not afraid to come into towns. If they're denning in towns, they probably have a strong population in the woods around those towns.

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"If you want to tell Steve where your favorite hunting spot is contact him..." LOL

Good article.

Triple*B said:
Last summer I saw three yotes lying in the parking lot of the Melting Pot Restaurant, across the street from the Harrisburg Bass Pro Shops.
Well down there they just blend in with the other animals. LOL
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