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I finally caught a fox- this ugly pathetic thing. It barely had any fight in it. Just a good reminder why we trap- we can put these out of their misery before they can linger any longer.

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Last fox i seen in 2009 looked real similar....havent seen one since (in the area)...i say that because of the coyote/fox posts weve both been part of and it sounds like your area is like mine was...foxy with a stray yote here n there...then mangey fox.and yote explosion...

Mange is horrible to see...
Wow that thing is hurtin! Wildlife is definately better off without him roaming around.
I caught a coyote a month ago that had hair only on its head. It looked like walking dead.I hate when they have mange like that. Gives me the **** jeebees.
Sad... Caught one similar myself, was at one of my better producing farms for reds. Had one other at this same farm with a hint of mange in the tail. Other than that the other six at the location where very healthy.
You certainly did that one a favor.
I had one that was worse then that fox. It die over night from the temps going below 20 degrees. All it was all skin no hair at all!!
That thing looks like a
1 - 9 of 9 Posts