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Chukar recipes?

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I have a bunch of chukar in my freezer and need to get some cooking. I was thinking on making chukar pot pie out of them. I need some other ideas becuase i will have probably 30 of them by the end of the weekend. Thanks
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kabobs, the legs can be tough on a chukar.
Peeper, Bone each side of the breast out. Hold up to a light and check for pellets. dip them in flour and seasoning mixture and fry them up. Good eats
Salt and pepper the parts then shake them in flour, saute them in butter with a little olive oil to keep the butter from burning, saute on medium heat, they don't take long. When they are done, take them out of the pan and pour in about two onces of good brandy and reduce a little bit. Take the pan off the heat and put in two tbl spoons of butter and swirl until butter is melted. put some of the sauce on each piece when you plate it.
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