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Chronicles of a Frustrated Hunter

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Well guys another failure in the books! Here's the rundown:

Setup 1: nothing (last nights setup with the red my bro missed)

Setup 2: All day thinking about this setup, tons of rabbits and an old fox den. I called for 12 1/2 mins and was messing around with volume and then it happened eyes light up and took off as I dropped my remote to get a shot but it was to late. Missed fox of Unknown type.

Setup 3: nothing

Setup 4: (where I saw the flash of a fox a few nights ago) called for 10 mins and an owl flew down and gave me a show as it tore into my decoy for 10 secs and then flew up in a near by tree over looking the decoy.

Setup 5: (a known yote spot) nothing

Setup 6: nothing

My day is coming soon, really soon.
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Hang in there brother....only takes one good setup to get you going!
At least you are seeing stuff. Ive hunted hard the past two nights and places that I usually have no problem calling Fox and new places. Havent seen anything since this contest started. I give up. For now
I consider seeing something a successful hunt. Especially the owl, you don't get to see that very often.
Give me a call if you want to hunt. I can get you a shot at a grey with alittle luck.
Thats not that bad of a night. I just spent 3 days calling and never saw a flash of eyes or a patch of fur.
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