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Christmas Bow

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Well I beared the 21mph gusts and real feel temperature of 10 yesterday to hit up my facvorite hole close to home. Water was just a bit up but that perfect green color was there. I put on the realist stone with this midge/caddis looking fly I threw together the other night. On about the 4thname cast my Thingamabobber takes a slight dip and I set the hook. After a decent battle I landed this bow. Beautiful colors. I love how you can see the gold on his back. I had a few more hits and lost a few. I tied on a conehead leech pattern I have been expetrexperimenting with to see how it moved in the water. I kept it close so I could see it when a 20" brown slammed it. I knew he wasn't hooked well and had him on for 3s min and lost him.

I then left that stream and met a buddy on a stream that was stocked a week ago. We slammed the little guys for a while. Didn't take any pics because my hands were froze.
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Looks like a fine day, nice bow. Congrats.
good looking fish!
Nice to see you got out . Pretty nice day !
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