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Chilling read about the heroic Georgia mother

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I don't know about anyone else, but I get chills reading the husband's dialogue with his wife and 911 operator as this went down...

This husband and wife deserve not only a medal, but should be on every news outlet, telling this story...and pointing out the need for 'high' capacity firearms. (Old friend once told me, "The numbers of rounds needed in a gunfight are determined <span style="font-style: italic">after</span> it is over.")

Anyone see that they have been? (asked in seriousness)
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It's in the news at least, but it's not seeming to gain any attention from the Left.

IMO anyone who defends themselves successfully is a victor, somebody who faced a challenge ON THEIR OWN and triumphed.

The Leftist establishment and media have no use for people who face challenges on their own.

They don't consider them worth their time as they have nothing to gain politically by aligning with them. IMO they consider this a non-issue that shouldn't even be news, as it detracts from their "we must ban guns" mantra.

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