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You would be surprised at the number of parents charged with abusing their infants and then the kid turns out to suffer with previously undiagnosed brittle bone disease. The kid is yanked away from the parents, the parents start blaming the other, they end up spending thousands to defend and try to get custody back. The system manages to victimize a lot of families. The Feds pay a "bounty' to every local agency that pulls a kid from the family and an even higher bounty when parental rights are terminated. Baltimore County's child abuse office got caught fudging it's books and had to repay millions in bounties back to the fed.

I know of at least one judge in York County that turned a mother of five into children and youth during a custody hearing, when a witness testified about the fact that an 8 year old was kept locked in a room, not toilet trained and expected to eat from a dog bowl on the floor. The mother kept newspapers all over the floor and left the kid run naked to cut down on laundry. The father of the woman's older two children won custody of the boy. The mother lost custody of her youngest children to Children and Youth.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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