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Chestnut Trees

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Wanting to plant some Chestnut trees for next year and just started doing research. Anybody on here have experience planting them? If so, where did you buy from? What kind did you get? Any info would be much appreciated.
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I bought about 15 dunstan chestnuts about 3 years ago. got them from Walmart but they go fast when they get a shipment in. Check chestnut hill nursery webpage in the spring and it will tell you when certain walmarts should get them in. Never know some may get them in fall but doubt it since they mostly are all gone.

I also planted about 30 Chinese chestnuts this year that I got nuts off a friend tree last fall. Just need to cold stratify them in the fridge during the winter. They are all doing well.

I tubed all of mine since a buddy did not and they were destroyed. So I would recommend what ever you decide either fence or tube.
LONZO said:
After you cold stratify them, do you just plant the nuts in the ground or do you grow them in pots first.
I did a little of both. Had a few that did not sprout so tossed them. Started growing them in pots early spring inside. Then replanted some after chance of frost was gone.

I direct planted about 10 and only lost one that I know of. I tubed almost all of them also.

I actually have about 10 still in bigger pots that I will be planting this fall.
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