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I want to switch from a vest to a chest or sling pack when fly fishing. I wanted to know what you prefer and if there is a particular one you use?

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I hung up the fishing vest for good, I ordered a chest/sling pack from amazon for $15.97
I don't fly fish for trout but the new pack fits all my lures that I carry and is quite comfortable. I'll have a new look this Trout season.

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I wore out my Columbia vest after 50 years and switched to a sling pack.
I like it better mainly because I'm walking around with 5 lbs. of tackle instead of thirty.
Went with one from L.L. Bean since we had points built up from our L.L. Bean Master Card.
It's a quality product, well made and easy to use.
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I used a vest for a long time. I replaced it about 10 years ago with a low cost vest and didn't do a lot of fishing. But it didn't hold up anyway once I got back to fishing.

When I started back to flyfishing and looked to replaced the vest, I wound up on a Orvis Guide Sling, and I love it. Definitely not going back anytime soon...if a vest.
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