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August 17th,18th and 19th at the Whispering Pines Cap and Flint Club in Tioga county. Located between Wellsboro and Mansfield for those needing bearings on the location. 44th ? year for the rondy...give or take a year. This clubs been at it a long time!

They get about 125 participants throwing or shooting at something. For those addicted to the smell of sulfur...patched RB/open iron sight matches for ladies, adults, and juniors. Pistol. Trade gun. Also offer a BP cartridge match. Woodswalk competition along with a hawk and knife course. 3D primitive archery.

Primitive and modern camping areas. Walk- ins (day shooters) welcome. Range officers eager to help with range rules. Primitive attire not required to shoot, throw...or just visit! You can always count on a few Suttlers along with numerous trade blankets at the Pines.

Fun weekend if you're into it and enjoy hob nobing with like minded people. If you snore you'll fit right in. It doesn't bother the coyotes or the hoot owls at all. .......... If you've got a fiddle bring it along!
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