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Cheap MB 650's

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If anybody is interested, this place has some new MB 650's on sale.
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Saves $ 12.20/Dozen over the everyday price at MTP.
not legal here.
6 and 1/8 jaw spread.
puppyhunter61 said:
not legal here.
6 and 1/8 jaw spread.
That doesn't make it illegal. They measure outside jaw spread in Pa (I don't agree that this is the proper way to do it, but it is how it's done none the less) with the maximum being 6.5"
With a 3/16" jaw face, this would put the outside measurement right at 6.5". I don't know if this is true or not as I've never handled or measured an MB650.....just speculating here.
I have the cast jaw MB650's, they are legal.
Denny, what do they measure on the outside?

Gibson, where you going?
Does not matter now, the sale is over. They are back up to $20.00 each. If you blinked you missed this sale.
Denny Emery said:
1/64 under 6.5" outside brother .........
Big 10-4 on that one right there! LOL
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