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Change fall plantings?

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With the dry weather is anybody going to change your plans on fall crops?
I was planning on planting rape/turnips next week but if our dry pattern doesn't change I might wait a week or two.If it's still dry I'll probably wait until late August and plant rye/oats/peas instead of the rape.
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I'm gonna go with my plan for clover with a buckwheat nurse crop at the end of July.

Ask me about my decision come October.....
Good rain today with possibly more next week.
Might that change your mind?
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I was goning to kill off a clover plot and then just seed brassica into the thatch and if I see we are getting plenty of rain, I may just do that, not sure.

But, the clover planting is stil a go, with the buckwheat for shade.
At what rate should a buckwheat/clover plot be planted.I am planning to do the same but I dont know if I should plant half the recommended rate of each or what?Thanks for any advice.
I'm going to plant my full rate of clover and then just wing it with the buckwheat. Don't want to get too much on as it'll be too much shade, if the deer don't keep it trimmed back. I'm gonna say 25-30 lbs per acre, maybe???
Looks like our weather pattern is going to change.Second half of next week could be a wet one.
At this point Brad I'm giving the brassica mix you told me about a try.
Go fer it and add that urea as well.
Had to do alot of discing.We sprayed late this year and had more dead thatch then usual.But the dirt worked well,got the urea down and worked into the ground.That evening we got a short storm.
Every day this week there's a chance for rain up there so we'll see.
The last week of August we're planting the rye/oat and pea mixture.Just hoping for enough rain now.
I think I'll go with clover and soem dwarf essex rape for the fall. The rape will give it some shade and I do like to have brassicas for them into November.

Of course, it's not next week, so, who knows what fer seeds I'll put down. LOL
I just tilled up a bunch of my sunflowers. Going to spread Urea and seed in Turnips and Dwarf Essex Rape this week. I'll post some pics tonight.
I got so much variety of seed laying around here, I'm just going to try to use stuff up.

Found a part bag of Mossy Oak Full Draw, that might go well with the clover...... I threw that down with some clover the other year and it seemed to do ok.

Just to much stuff laying around...
The deer haven't been touching much of our clover.It's the Rohrer's mix with some jumbo ladino added.No chicory in this stuff.
Might try another clover mix when the time comes.
Chicory and clover with Winter Wheat or oats as a cover crop.
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