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Just wanted to let everyone know that the Annual Chainsaw Carvers Rendevous in coming up Feb 16 thru 23rd. The 16th is when carvers will start setting up with additional carvers coming in as the week goes on. By the end of the week there is a lot more to see so it would be best to come later in the week. <span style="font-weight: bold">Saturday they normally have an auction at noon so if you want to see it at its best I recommend Thursday & Friday. </span> If you want to but a carving it can be done off the street from the carvers any day or at the auction. They will also make an item at your request/purchase. Each carver donates 1 piece that gets auctioned off which is how the cover the costs of the event. There are a couple buyer that load up on carvings at low prices and sell them in higher populated areas and make a good buck on them.
Here is a link with details and with pictures of last years event.

This end Saturday afternoon so if you came on Saturday make it early.
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