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Syracuse University student Adrianna San Marco may have more guts than the most seasoned law enforcement leader.

After writing an article in LifeZette that called institutional racism a “myth” and claimed statistics indicate that police do not target African-Americans, she was swiftly fired as a columnist from her job at “The Daily Orange,” a Syracuse based newspaper.

In the article titled “Why Institutional Racism Is A Myth,” she cited research that clearly indicates that police do not target African Americans and debunked the widely held belief that comparing police interactions with the population at large is an effective means to evaluate law enforcement actions.

“A common response when presented with actual statistics is to argue that the evidence lacks context. Instead of looking at overall statistics we ought to be taking into account that black Americans represent only 13% of the population. Surely this proves that the police often target young black men, right?

When taking population differences into account, the argument against systemic racism holds up as well. Despite representing 13% of the population, the FBI reported that in 2017 black Americans committed 53% of homicides and 54% of robberies. Further, when looking into violence committed against police, black American men represent 33% of cop killers despite being only 6.6% of the population.

If blacks represent such a small percentage of the population why are they responsible for a large percent of crime? In fact, the Left’s insistence on discussing race proportions is damning to their argument.”

With democrats, you either submit or be silenced
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