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Woodywoodduck said:
If you have an LTCF-License to Carry Should Not and Would Not be in Violation if you carried while doing a mentor hunt....Generally speaking, an LTCF is basically used to carry to protect 1 self or themselves and others if the need arises (YES it also covers carrying while hunting for legal critters with firearm caliber used for such critters) thus, you have the laws in the Game law that has been can now carry while Spot Lighting, Bow hunting, bear hunting, Rifled Deer hunting, Flintlock hunting, early muzzleloader hunting, small game hunting, ECT...about the ONLY time you can NOT carry even with an LTCF is Waterfowl hunting (as I stated in past posts..been discussed on here before and I remember John S. Stating it had something to do with the Single Projectile issue that is not allowed while hunting waterfowl) on School Ground and in Court houses...

There ISN'T Anything in the Regulations on the LTCF laws that States you can not carry while mentor hunting!
Oh I see then according to the STATE when you are Waterfowl hunting you will never need to protect yourself (this must be when only the good guys are out) so there is no need to carry your self defense weapon. Is the state guarenteeing me that no one will try to rob, murder, abduct or in any other way try to harm you or your family, I'd like to see that guarentee written down.
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