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I know this is posted below but I dont want to hi-jack that thread so here goes.

I went to the local carpet store and he is giving me carpet that he is tearing out of a house, supposedly the carpet is 40' x 8.5' = 340sq ft.
So, I am doing the math in my head and if I make my cut carpet sheets 33" (2.75') x 12" (1') then each cut carpet sheet is 2.75sq ft. I have been reading that guys who make these depending on the size of the target, the average amount of sheets used is 60 sheets, I was looking to make my target 78 sheets. So, if I make my target with 78 sheets each sheet being 2.75sqft then total square feet would be 214 square feet. I'm pretty sure I did my math right on this and if I didnt feel free to tell me, either way I just want people to be aware of how much carpet is needed to make a target like this.
I plan on taking pics as I build my target so check back.......
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