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In my opinion, your son just made a great purchase. I know because I just purchased one about a month and a half ago.

I found out some things the hard way. Hopefully they will help you in the long run.

Please keep in mind. I am a vertical bow hunter. This is my first crossbow.

1. We got a good deal on a good bow. But a ten point it is not. ( doesn't mean it can't be as actuate, quite, and as fast for a 1/4 of the cost)

2.Blue Lock tite every bolt. They will come loose. After 23 shots the riser bolt worked it way loose. So I disassemble the x-bow and lock tited every bolt that did not already have lock tite on it already.

3. Level out the scope mounting rail to be level with the barrel. I just used a small level balanced to the flight groves and then used the two adjustment screws to level out the rail.( Again found this out the hard way, at 10 yards I ran out of vertical adjustment in my scope to get the bolt on target)

4. (keep in mind I'm new to x bows.) Shoot one arrow at a time at the target at the same point of impact, or simply change the aiming point. I robin hooded my arrows. Really stunk.

5. I then wanted to quiet down my xbow. I did a little research and used the ten point bow Jax silencing system. I found the ten point vibration dampener kit for 20 bucks on ebay. And I then got the string stop at cabelas. I was very surprised. Everyone I spoke with told me the ten point stuff wouldn't work on my carbon exresss. Well, cabelas archery pro's and a few other were wrong. They fit and fit really well. My bow is now only 35 db down from 43db. I also put some Mathews monkey tails I had laying around on the string. I have yet to crono my bolts. But I will sacrifice a few fps for a quieter bow.

All in all, I believe we have made a great purchase. I know my bow shoots as well as my dads Ten Point Vapor. The trigger is not as nice. But then again we didn't spend 1K on a bow. I love the tacky finish of my bow.

Please keep us updated with how your son likes his new xbow. I can not wait to take mine hunting this season.
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