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Canon SX 20is

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Does anyone use/own a Canon PowerShot SX20is camera? I'm looking for opinions on it. I currently have the PowerShot SX100is and have intermittent problems with my focus after zooming, so I'm thinking of buying a new one and I like the 20x zoom on these.
Any reviews from members?
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I have a Canon SX10is,which I believe is about the same as the SX20is.2 more MP in the 20,but don't get wrapped up in the MP's of any camera.I have the same problem at times,try using a tripod,that helps ALOT.
For the most part it's been a good camera,can't complain,but to be honest,for what I paid for it (around 400.00 Jan. of '09) I wish I would have spent a little more and bought a DSLR.
I have a small canon powershot camera and I found out the zoom will only draw in the picture on the optical zoom. It will not take a picture using the full zoom..So the next small digital camera I buy I will get the highest optical zoom I can get so I can draw those 400 pound bears in closer.
Yep, optical zoom is the one that counts. The digital zoom just multiplies the optical but thats where you start to lose quality. That's one of the features drawing me to this SX20 is it's 20x zoom.

fordman - Yes I wouldn't mind going to a digital SLR if it weren't for the money. This would overcome my other issue with digital's, the shutter speed. However I don't care for the size and if theres a negative I see with the SX20 it's the size. I like a more compact camera and my SX100 is just right because I take it just about everywhere with me and it fits nicely a padded, zippered case.

A tripod wouldn't help the issue I have. From the research I've done it's a fairly common problem and it comes from fine grains of sand or dirt getting inside. It makes a slight grinding sound when it's going to do it. Usually if you just tap the zoom lever to move it slightly, then depress the shutter half way to focus it, then you can zoom it after that okay. but it's really annoying when your trying to get a quick shot at a deer before it bolts.
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I have that camera and love it. I paid a little under 350 for mine which is pretty cheap when you think about it. If you want to see a handful of pics here's a link to another thread I posted on. It has plenty of features, takes really nice pics and has a great optical zoom.
Good to know, that's the stuff I'm looking to hear. I could never get my SX100 to take macro shots like that. My wife always captures monarch butterfly caterpillars and puts them in a large clear container to watch their transition and I've tried to capture the transition in photo's but can never get the up close detail.
I've seen the SX20 on a website called "camera kings" for $325, which I'm always leery buying things off the internet, especially from places I've never heard of. So thanks for the Best Buy tip. I'll try that. Walmart wants $399!
Thanks shooter. that was on the macro setting. I believe it has a super macro setting but I didn't even try that yet. For some reason macro shots always interested me.
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