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Well we didnt go as long or get as far as we planned.

Pulled into a Army Corp of Eng campground on Tionesta creek ai Kellettville Tues night. Great place, first come first served but we called ahead and since we were midweek in a group and going to be gone early AM, the ranger put us on 3 campsites. The deal was we did a garbage pickup at the camp and on the creek. The pic where the kayaks and canoes are pulled over was a trash gold mine and we had to do a consolidation into the canoes. I had a moccasin and a bunch of trash on the front deck till then. We camped out for a good start Wed Morn. The whole troop was feet wet by about 8A and the plan was to do 11mi picking up trash and pull out at the beginning of the lake. Tionesta lake is long and unlimited HP so portaging around with small boats is a good plan. Shout out to Outback Outfitters in Tionesta. For a good price they portaged us on 3 trailers to their campground and let us all stay the night. Thursday we were feet wet by 0745. We had a choice, it was to be a short day if we were making poor time, or a long day if we were making good time. The last boat passed the short stop point at 1005 so we were going long.

The plan became to hit Oil City launch for lunch at about 1, we made it through some hard rain to the rapids to the launch just before 2. Only 2 boats went over in the rapids, me and one canoe. The kayak I have is a bit long for my skill through rapids, I almost made it though but when the flow changed to the left I couldnt get her pointed into the chop and it was over. So I got to demonstrate a wet exit. No big, popped out, held the paddle and grabbed the boat and floated down hill. Son came over and towed me out of the channel until I could stand, dumped her out, sponged the rest and paddled back up the side to ride shotgun for anyone who went over. The canoe that went was a bit front heavy and just swamped. They were going through nice and they made it upright, as soon as they got out of the chop, the current just rolled them. The were close to shore and bailed it out and headed for lunch. There is another rapid about a hour south that is almost as rough and I took the hard line and redeemed myself.

We got chased off of the river by thunder and lightning around 530, standing on the bank it got real wet and the temp dropped. I got real leery about wet scouts so about 630 made the call to get to a boat launch and call it a trip we got a little break in the storms and got to the launch about 8 and home by midnight. We might have been ok if we could have gotten to the campground before all the rain in 4 or 5 states came down on us but I would rather not deal with hypodermic scouts.
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