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Hope you kill the meat to try it with soon.

Here are some pics from the other day. I canned "sausage" which is straight deer, ground once through a 3/4" extra course plate, then spiced with the "wild game sausage" recipe we use (minus the sage).

Raw is on the left. Nothing added but spices. Raw pack used 13lb of meat to fill 7 qts.

Fried off is on the right. I back filled with some previously frozen venison broth rather than water...each quart needed about 1/2 cup of liquid. Cooked used 14lb of meat to fill just 5 qts.

If you want to put up meat, cooked would store more in the same shelf space. Cooked takes an extra 60 minutes of work to fry off, and more dishes. They both taste issue eating either with a fork from the jar. The raw taste more like what I am used to with raw packed cubes. It is nice and moist. There is a flavor to raw packed meat. I get some of the same note from opening a can of salmon as a I do a can of raw packed deer. The cooked recipe tastes good too. Much drier, more typical taste like pan fried meat. Surprisingly, this fried off sausage spice/pressure canned tastes like a pretty a good taco meat, and I have never been much for deer as taco meat. Maybe a little chili powder yet, and some cumin, yet. But I think that tacos will be made with some of the cooked stuff. That can of raw pack already went into some sausage rigatoni.

I have previously canned sausages ground through a 3/32" plate. This 3/4" plate, which is my typical first grind/chili size, seems to work well for canning since the meat gets well cooked and is nice and tender even in the rather large chunks. The larger size is less crumbly.

The jars were just popped and had some forked out. The pre-fried sausage has a grease ring, probably from the deer broth. The raw pack has the bottom half filled with the meat juices. Easy enough to try different ways in the same 7 qt batch, since all require the same 90 minutes at 10psi.



41 - 43 of 43 Posts