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Great info, hope I never have to use it.

Also individual customs agents, as you kind of alude to, will treat you different. It's human nature I guess. I had an interesting experience once about ten years ago.

I traveled to Toronto via comercial plane. At the toronto airport I approached customs, which was nearly empty due to realy bad winter weather in the states. I picked out the cute little agent and approached her desk. I was wearing a camo hat and a UBP camo T-shirt. She coldly looked over my documents, pre-911 by the way, and coldly began asking what I planned to do in Canada. She then asked about firearms and if I planned on hunting during my visit. I replied no, but that I'd love to come back up sometime to hunt as the hunting in Canada can be phenominal. Wrong thing to say. She stated that she "deplored Americans who come to Canada to kill thier animals". She looked for reasons to turn me away, but fortunately couldn't find any.

Then there was the time I went through customs at S. St. Marie n the way to an archery bear hunt. We went through at about 6:00 AM nad hte agent just lookded up from his newspaper and inquired if was had guns. We said just bows. Move along. Felt like we were disturbing his quiet time.
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