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cambria county hunters

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Hi all. Im new to here but been hunting for 15+ years. Im also new to the summerhill area and know absolutely no one except my wife and 5 yr old daughter hahaha. Looking for some guys to hunt/fish/ whatever with in the area. I hunt deer at my family farm in Clymer, Pa but looking for buddies (of any age but 21-40 would probly have more in common with) and to get to know the area around here. PM me if ya wish. Thanks everyone.
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Welcome, you arent far from Wilmore and if your looking to go fishing check out Wilmore Dam. I personally have never have been there but I know guys who have fished there.
As stated above wilmore dam is a great place to fish and most of the land around the dam on the Patrick Road side is owned by the county and is open to public hunting. I grew up hunting that area it is a big woods but it gets crowded at times anymore. You could also join the Wilmore Sportsman club to meet guys from your area, they have a great rifle range and I think they have a good bit of land to hunt also.
thanks guys i will definitely check out the dam when the weather breaks. Ive been thinking about joining up a club but wasnt sure which. Ive heard good things about daisytown rod and gun as well. Any thoughts on that club?
I have friends that belong to Daisytown, they have a great range too, I think they have a trap range also. Not sure of the amount of land there though. You may also want to look in to Flood City Bowman also.
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