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Call tripod

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What are you guys using to elevate your calls? I was contemplating buying a tripod but thought that maybe just a section of 1/4-20 bolt rod would do the trick
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I use an old tri-pod from a camera. You probably could use the bolt I think thats what the foxpro tripod is a bent bolt.
I never elevated my call. Is that a common practice? Why? I keep mine on the ground so I can hide the "on" light with grass, etc. I have little experience so maybe I'm doing it wrong.
The range is much better with the remote and I dont want to lay my call in mud,wet,snow etc. I think the sound carries better as well. Im not looking to put the call at 6' but 18" is good.
I'll hang it in a tree when I can or set it on top of a fence post when possible.
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