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California Assembly Member Lorena S. Gonzalez’s (D-Sherman Heights) legislation, Assembly Bill 273, which seeks to ban what little trapping that remains in the state, has passed the Assembly by a vote of 51 to 19. AB 273 will now head to the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee where it will await a hearing.

Take Action Today! California members should contact their state senator and ask them to vote NO on AB 273. Members can contact their state senator by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center.

Commonly used traps such as conibear, leg hold traps and snares are already illegal to use in the state as a result of a 1998 ballot initiative. However, trapping plays an important role in wildlife conservation. It helps scientifically monitor the health and size of animal populations for state biologists.

In addition, recreational trappers, who pay license fees each year, help control animal populations which can be harmful to other wildlife. The cost of controlling problem wildlife including those that can carry diseases will fall to tax payers who will likely be forced to hire contracted commercial trappers. AB 273 would also prohibit anyone who owns a trapping license or a fur dealing license from being able to sell furs, which would make it increasingly difficult for trappers to break even or maintain their gear.

“AB 273 completely eliminates recreational trapping, and the public benefits that come with it,” said Luke Houghton associate director of state services for Sportsmen’s Alliance. “It puts more burden on individual tax payers, allows problem wildlife to harm other wildlife, and will make it more likely people will be exposed to diseases such as rabies.”

About the Sportsmen’s Alliance: The Sportsmen’s Alliance protects and defends America’s wildlife conservation programs and the pursuits – hunting, fishing and trapping – that generate the money to pay for them. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation is responsible for public education, legal defense and research. Its mission is accomplished through several distinct programs coordinated to provide the most complete defense capability possible. Stay connected to Sportsmen’s Alliance: Online, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

-New York City

A member of PETA shows a pencil being broken in a small leg hold trap. This type of misinformation is being presented today at hearings in New York as city council has put forth a fur ban proposal for the entire city. Our company has a long proud history of working with NY State Trappers and the fur merchants, brokers, manufactures and retailers of the great iconic city of New York. The idea that New York City Council could even consider such a thing is to spit on the long proud history of the city itself. SHAMEFUL.


Mark Downey
Chief Executive Officer
Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.
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