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If it was a priority wit the senator - they would have already filed the subpena's and held the hearing. Once again. and i know we are talking about the US Senate... and house, we have been talking about this for what - two months?

More than enough time for them to have taken the time to have the hearings.

Once again, you are seeing the politicians playing us for fools. Keep the hype up, ask for support, get their names in the press, continue to ramp up emotion and start the process over again.

If they are serious, they can have the hearing next week. Of course they could have had it a month ago. The could have passed a bill (but no way it becomes law with Obama) by know.

They could recall and or impeach department heads to get around OB.

They can censure department heads.

They can file ethics charges or ask for an independent investigator.

But they just keep the story going...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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