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Buying capes and skins

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Assuming the seller is abiding by his states laws as far as selling skins and capes, what is legal for me to buy on ebay or any other site? Is there a difference between buying raw skins and tanned skins? Any special license I need? Thanks for any info you can provide.
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Depends on the critter. CITES species are different than regular fox,yotes,coon,etc. PM me i'll explain
Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
CITES are critters like Bobcat and wolf. I'm not sure but maybe otters too. I know you need a CITES permit to buy and sell these critters, but i'm not sure how you get one. As far a scritters you trap in PA ( fox,yotes,coon,etc) to my knowledge you can only sell in the state unless you have an export license to sell out of state. I would call John Epler he will give you all the right information 570-366-1261. Either that or your local PGC. Let me know what you find out. You can PM me if ya want
I am not looking to sell anything. I wanted to know if I see a deer cape, say on ebay, can I buy it without any other PA permits? I understand the CITES issues on certain animals. Just looking for some replacement capes. Thanks
You can buy replacement capes from other states where capes and skins can be sold. In North Carolina, for example, it is illegal to sell or buy any cape or skin. Make sure it is legal for the person to sell it and was legally taken. Having the proper documentation to prove it won't hurt either.
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