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For those who shoot or wanna try out American Broadhead blades, they are having a buy one get an equal amount free deal on their website.

Just thought I'd throw it out there so someone else could get a good deal also.
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That I cannot say at all, but I and some others on here use the original sonics. Steel ferrule and they have a locking nut on the back which I'm not sure if the other models have. They fly awesome outta my bow. I have only shot 3 archery deer but got total pass throughs with all and the first one only took about 5 steps and continued to feed for about 20 seconds before it just tipped over dead on its feet.
I have always wanted to try Sonics but no one ever has any feedback on them. You are one of the few I know that has used them SgtUSMC
Drenalin they are a good solid broadhead, I have harvested many deer with them they fly well and penetration is excellent...
Drenalin, I hate to name drop on here but the Nuge has used em with great results.
I think my first post on this site was asking about these broadheads and he showed me pics of deer that met their maker at the hands of the Sonic.
I really don't think too many people on here use them, but everyone that I've heard that does loves them.
I received some Slick tricks from my kids for Christmas last year, asked for them from just reading the hype on this board. Haven't shot em at anything living yet, they fly great too, but I think I'm more in favor of a cut on contact style head.
Thanks for the info. I have always used G5 Strykers and never had any problems I am like you though I like a cut on contact head. I shot my buck this year with a Rage 2 blade and it worked for me. It was the first mechanical I ever used. I did it just to see what all the hype about these heads were. I think I might order some Sonics and give them a try
Ok guys I just got on the website and looked over their broadheads. Which one do you guys use or prefer. I was going to order Sonic Pros 100 or should i just get reg Sonics
Thanks for the info. I may have to order myself a pack. Now, I just have to figure out which one.
I use the regualar sonic's because they have a rear locking nut, and I know that helps with the blades not coming off the ferrule. Almost 99% positive that the pro's don't have that locking nut. Also the pro's ferrule is aluminum and the regular sonic's are steel.
I know the sonics are strong!! Lets just say I missed my target when I first started shooting and shot one into my neighbor's cinderblock wall (which happens to be my mother's house, sorry mom)

But the broadhead held together nice, blades were jacked up and the carbon arrow blasted apart but the head and arrow insert were all in tact!
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I am thinking about getting the Pink Sonics (if you see me in the woods, please don't look at my broadheads). I know quite a few people who had breast cancer. I feel that I need to help as much as I could.
I have used the sonics and the are great broadheads.
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