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Butler creek scope covers

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I am looking in purchases some butler creek scope covers for my guns and i can't figure out what size covers I need the scopes are 3-9x40 NikoN prostaffs so if any of you know what size you would need would be great
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Depends on model scope. Go to butler creek and see what size your obj and eye pieces are. Here is a link to the sizes of the flip open caps. You need to measure your scopes.
Please note that the chart provided by Butler Creek is a guideline. To ensure a proper fit of Butler Creek Scope Covers, you must measure your riflescope with a micrometer or a caliper, and then choose the size that offers the closest fit.
I have a #13 on the eyepiece and a #27 on the objective of my ProStaff 3-9 X 40.
Ok thank you that helps alot
I just ran across a chart that recommends a #11 for the eyepiece and a #29 for the objective. When I bought mine, the store also sold Nikon Scopes, so I had the clerk try them on. I had previously bought the wrong size and I didn't want to make another trip. My front one is a little snug, but goes on and off OK. The chart also recommended the Blizzard models to be #04 and #07.
What kind of nikon scope was that do you know
Best bet is to try on the pants before ya buy them if ya can.
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