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So I have been messing around with a field that was neglected for the past few years. Have cut it, limed it, disked and seeded it, basically was trying to get it productive without spraying it. Finally got disgusted and started spraying. Sprayed a 3 acre section in July and accomplished about 95% kill and decided to put a match to it. Left a green barrier and disked a section just inside for a fire stop.
Not much left to say, pics tell the rest of the story......


Plan on planting a mix of winter rye, turnip, buckwheat, and oats and depending on the results of my efforts, planting a alfalfa/clover/rye mix next fall.
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There are more than 1 qualified burn boss in PA..

Most just can not burn other than for their agency, because most do not have insurance of their own to burn on private property..

Only 1 private company I know of in PA that is able to burn on private ground.. maybe there are more
1 - 1 of 15 Posts