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Any disabled heading out Monday? I'm going to drive out to a good area on my Honda Pioneer 700 with hand controls from SureGrip! Funny thing,I'm not even taking a gun..I'll have my 9 year old grandson with me for his first Pa rifle deer season. He's so excited,I rembember when his dad killed his first buck when he was 12 many years ago...:D

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I'm taking my dad out. He is about 6 weeks out from his second hip replacement on the left side. The second replacement on the right is coming in the spring. I have a ground blind set up where I can drop him off right in front of it. He is looking for his fourth straight buck since he retired.

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I'm taking my dad out. He is about 6 weeks out from his second hip replacement on the left side. The second replacement on the right is coming in the spring. I have a ground blind set up where I can drop him off right in front of it. He is looking for his fourth straight buck since he retired.
Having a hip replaced is not the same as being disabled.

Sorry, but you have things a little mixed up.

Being disabled means - not being able to do for yourself and having a condition that prohibits you from doing things that other people takes for granted, and not having the option of having an operation or something that can fix the problem.!
I broke my pelvis 3 yrs ago, I fell down the steps sleep walking, and I didn't even go to the hospital - because I had no insurance..

Monday I hunted a patch of woods 50' x 50' and still saw a 10 point buck, but couldn't get a shot because I parked the truck in the wrong spot and there was trees / brush between me and the buck.
I was more worried about getting arrested if the deer ran onto posted ground and the land owner called the police then anything else. And yes this was smack dab in the middle of the Game Lands. Even the landowners brother thought that I was nothing more than a road hunter. People don't understand - when you can't walk - it sucks! And I went out of my way to walk into the woods to tell the dummy that he shot a buck and he failed to go look for it! That folks burns my butt.
That is a slob hunter in my opinion!

I also saw a similar buck on my way out of the game lands road, but I don't road hunt and I don't ride around with a loaded weapon in the vehicle and I don't have anyone to drive the vehicle for me. And I don't have any help to load the deer - even if I shoot one! For me it is either drag the deer thru the mud to a place where I can drag it up on a bank and then back the truck against the bank and load it onto the tailgate, or sit there until help arrives - which may be hours on a warm day when no one is moving around and there is no traffic on the dead end road I hunt on.

Tuesday I was posted not 100 yards from where a group of 8 deer, two bucks were bedded. When I came down the road, my dummy brother blocked the whole road with dad's truck and my other stupid brother got out of the truck and loaded his gun and tried to get a shot. Had it been a pheasant or a cat - he might have gotten it, but deer are way too smart to let someone get out of a truck walk towards them and not run! Again, another 10 point buck in the group, along with a lesser buck that I could have had an opportunity to shoot, had not the slob hunters chose to be greedy.

Today again, in another game lands, I parked on the side of the road.
Got out my chair, sat beside the truck not 10 minutes before I saw a glimpse of a deer in the brush 50 yds away. There wasn't a place between the trees more than 6 inches wide where a person could have shot - even if I seen the antlers.
After sitting 10 minutes and not seeing the deer come out, I chose to try to walk up the road to see if the deer was around..
I took 10 steps and saw its tail wave. I thought it was running away.
4:30 PM and it was getting dark! It was eating acorns off the side of the road.
The deer turned and ran across the road, back in the direction from where It came.
Only then did I notice that every tree on that hillside was raked with scrapes.
That deer had to have weighed 180 lbs - BIG DEER for where I was hunting!

Had it been Saturday, I would have shot first and asked questions later...
But I was being honest and I couldn't see the rack until it went back into the woods. Another 10 or more pointer. That was the only deer I saw all day!

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Here is a good update - Friday, did not get to hunt until after 3 PM.
First place I went, I was able to walk to where I wanted to sit, but then realized that it was too far from the truck, If I was to get a deer, I would have no way to get it back to the truck.

Second place I went, was all posted signs.
Found a place to sit where it was legal to hunt, was one other hunter there, but no deer.

Left at 4:30, decided to stop in a place where I see deer all the time.
Within 10 minutes there was 8 deer right next to the truck.
Not a one had antlers and not a one was more then 60 lbs.
They stood and watched me while they ate for 20 minutes.

Saturday morning, went down in the gamelands to a pretty good spot.
Probably the best spot I found so far where a disabled hunter could sit in 244.
I saw one white Silverado ex cab 4x4 go by no less than 5 times in 2 1/2 hours.
Same deal with a red Ford with a dent in the tailgate.
3 Dodge trucks - ex cab - same deal.
All these people were running in a circle, just looking out the window.

Most everyone didn't enter the woods until after 7:15 - which tells me they were not sincere about hunting, else they would have been posted 6 AM like me!
I had my chair beside the truck, but no one went into the woods to chase anything out.

There was 3 vehicles parked above me, and someone shot twice near a gas well where there is a nice open spot to hunt - not far from the vehicles.
So I drove down the road, saw the guys with the jacked up Black Dodge Diesel pickup, one of them was standing in the middle of the train trestle Over Big Sandy Creek.
I was at my spot along the road about 5 minutes before I heard BANG.
Then some young man came sneaking down the railroad tracks - looking for the deer.

About an hour later, the young man with the Black Dodge came up over the bank dragging a 90 lbs doe. He shot it on the other side I think and floated it across the creek - up to his truck.
I was more proud of him then anyone else, at least he tried to get a deer.
That train trestle must be 60' above the water!

The people that went more then 300 yards into the woods - got deer, while the people that just parked and walked in 50 -100 yards didn't see anything.
I never saw a deer and I hunted in various spots from 6 AM to 5 PM.
There just wasn't very many people in the woods!

I saw two young men putting on a drive about 4 PM - I was very proud of those guys also.
But their gang was shooting a bunch of deer, and they had already tagged out, that was why they were driving for the other people in their party.
Basically driving the deer out of the game lands onto their own posted property.

I'm just about out of options here in 2D!
Out of 4 family members with 10 tags - we only got one deer so far this year, and it didn't weigh 50 lbs.
I almost picked up a road killed deer yesterday on my way out of the woods - it's that bad!
I saw a second deer - a buck on my way home from church.
I just don't know if the game warden would believe me if I called the PGC in hunting season and tried to tell them that I wanted a permit to keep a road killed deer.
I'm disgusted....
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