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brunner island???

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About 15-20 years ago my dad and some of his friends took me along fishing at a warm water discharge plant around york or harrisburg. We only ever went a couple times. We were fishing for channel cats in the winter. I still remember falling asleep on the bank while night fishing there. I have a son of my own now and would like to find this place we fished at. My dad cant remember how to get there exactly just that its a power plant off I-83 somewhere. Can someone give me directions to get there and for some good places to fish from the shore? I'd greatly appreciate it. Even a address for the plant would work so i could google map it. Just any info i can get i'd be very thankful. Thanks
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Bruner Island is just south of the York Haven Dam on the West shore of the river. I don't think they allow night fishing now. I believe that it is dawn to dusk only but you will have to check. Google earth is a good way to locate the area. Good Luck
N 40 05'26.48
W 76 41'10.99

FYI the water may not be too warm. Recently they haven't been running the plant so they have no reason to be pumping out significant amounts of warm water. When they go to idle it's not the same fishery.

Also LOL I'll bet a lot has changed since the time your Dad has fished Brunner Is. They are federally mandated now to run at certain temps and to cool the water more. So it may not be exactly the way you remember it. If it's cold and the plant is running then their will be warmer water coming out.

I find the better places to fish the BI warm water start a little above the powerlines and work down river. Don't forget a musky bait.
Can you still fish there overnight? Thanks for the quick resppnses by the way. Welcome to the forums bellboy
On the rt. side of screen .. contacts+directions ... I haven't been there for quite some time myself
Thanks everyone for the info. I will have to take the trip. Thanks again
I'm pretty sure you can't fish at night.. about 3 years ago the fishing was outrageous, but the past 2 years it hasn't quite been the same.. Definitely still some fish around, but not quite as warm anymore...
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