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Browning Silver Pigeon?

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Anyone ever hear of this model? Supposedly it's a 20 ga. semi.
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Browning makes a "Silver" line, not sure if they have a Model called the Pigeon. I know Beretta makes an O/U called the Silver Pigeon. Browning makes the "Silver" line in both 12 and 20's, good guns from what I'm told
The Browning Silver line of Autoloaders are great guns. Pigeon, in Browning terms, is one step up in grade from standard or field. I bet thats what you are referring to, a Silver 20 gauge, Pigeon Grade.
Thanks for the replies. After finally making contact with the guy, I found out it is a Pigeon grade, Silver model 20 ga. semi. Joe, you win!!

Anyone care to venture a value on one that has been a safe queen?
Standard models are trading for $1000. Synthetics a bit less. If you can buy it in that area, you are doing well. High end gun market is pretty flat, I would not go much higher unless you really want it. I don't know what a new one is right off hand, but price the same gun out at a dealer, then you know where you need to be.
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