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Browning 22 LR pistol question

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I took a used Browning in on trade back in 1985, never used it, got it out for my annual cleaning today and could use a little info., I don't know much about handguns. It is a 22 L/R automatic with a clip, about a 6-1/2" barrel, made in Belgium, S/N 1184s9ps or 118459ps. It doesn't show a model name or number. Can anyone tell me what this is, how old it is, and and approximate value? I don't know how to put photos on here so can't do that but I do know how to e-mail them.

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maybe look here
or on and see if you if see it there ??might give you some info ??
i ll take it lol nice pistol go on a browning forum and see what they say
shoot me some pics. I pm'd ya my email.
If its a Medalist I'm gonna be jealous....
I found it on Guns America, it's a "Challenger" model, there is a You Tube vidoe of the exact gun that I found when I googled it. It was manufactured in Belgium and made through the later 1970's.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

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