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Broke in the new rod!!

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So my buddy Zak built me a new spinner rod..went with a MHX blank and American Tackle gold nano plasm rings.

The rod turned out awesome. I was very impressed.

Today I set out to break it in..

What better way to break in a new rod than to catch all three species of wild trout from that same stream?? I set my goal to catch all 4...I want a tiger! Lol.

My very first cast I felt a couple thumps... "Man I don't know about this rod..I can feel every little pebble" .....I quickly realized that was a trout as it finally swooped away...

Second cast and i felt that same tap and set the hook...quickly landed my first trout on the new rod!

I moved forward and fish kept coming to was unbelievable... I've never kept track of my hookup ratio but when spinner fishing it's pretty low...I'd give an honest guess of 10%..and I've tried different rods, reels etc...

I was stumped that all the trout were brookies..

Last time I fished a stream with all 3 species of wood trout I think all I caught were browns..I thought the rainbow would be the challenge..

But I was wrong..didn't take long and i had my first wild rainbow!!

I was happy as could be..already had several brookies..rainbow out of the way...all 3 was very possible!!

I pressed on..several more brookies and rainbows were was about a 50/50 split..I was very surprised..

And if anyone wants to claim stocked fish.......

I was split like 10/10 and no browns...

I got to this hole...

And made a short cast and caught this...

A wild brown!!! Mission complete!!

Out of the same hole came another rainbow!

I don't usually cast to a hole after a catch but that brown was caught at my feet so I cast again and it paid off...

I ended the day with 30+ fish landed..not counting quick releases.. I say if I don't touch them it doesn't count...I lost track a bit but the numbers I kept in my head were 17 brookies, 12 rainbows and 1 brown.

My hookup ratio went way up..especially as the day progressed..another outing or 2 and I think it'll be much better..I've never fished a rod without a reel seat...or a rod so short and stiff..

The rod sensitivity is can feel every little tap...which turns into more fish.

After a good hike in and 3 miles or so fished I was pretty well kicked..

I remembered I had to get back out yet...

That wasn't even the top of the hill lol...

I had my GPS on and it died before I got to the road at 8.1mi I put on 9+ miles..

The turkey sign was awesome...the entire woods was scratched up...I am planning to give it a hunt on Tuesday morning!
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That's pretty crazy to catch all 3 species in the same stream. Quite rare for that to happen!!
Awesome man!!! Great pics! Glad you like the rod bro! Hope it serves ya well for years to come.
The lateral line colors on them rainbows are amazing...
The rainbows sure we're pretty...

Fiesty suckers too...they not like a freight train..I could tell by the hit it it was a rainbow... They absolutely smack it and take off...the 10-12"ers were powerful for their size...had a couple hit and come flying out of the water before I could set the knew when they hit.

The bigger brookies I saw hit with a veryyyy light mouth...i lost a few that were in the 14" range pretty easy. No mistaking those fire belly's. I lost one at my feet...I was reeling the spinner and it felt slightly heavy considering the amount of current...I thought I had a tree branch or something...of course it was a very good sized brookie that rolled off as soon as I realized it was a literally looked dead when I first saw it then took off minus the spinner lol...
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I like the ruby red bead on the bottom. That is how I have always made my spinners. I don't do it for any other reason than that is how I saw a few spinners made when I was younger, and I feel comfortable with them. The first rainbow picture looks like there is a pearl or white bead on top? Or maybe it is just a shiny clevis.
Nice outing. 3 wild species from a stream is a gem of a stream. Very nice! And I can attest, Zak builds one heck of a rod. Hands down, beats G.Loomis and St. Croix when it come to spin fishing for trout. I know rods have been a question in this forum many times and if they really make a difference, they do!
I made the red glass bead spinners just because.. I don't know that it makes a lick of difference..I have some white heavy weight spinners have a solid silver bead on the end..I've done just fine all brass beads too...I do think having a contrasting/brighter color near the hook might help direct the bite toward the hook...I don't know...

I see that pic..must be glare or the clevis shinning..I have silver and brass clevises..might be a silver one on there...

Rods absolutely do make a difference... I can 100% gaurentee that had I had one of my other rods my hook up ration would have been much much lower...I know because I've fished them for years. This was by far my best wild trout day. I've covered a lot of good water and have been happy with 4 or 5 fish. Like I said..I'd honestly estimate my hook up ratio with other rods around 10%. Today I'd estimate was around 50%. I think given time with the new rod it'll increase a good bit a rod without a reel seat is new to me...the grip is thinner than I'm used THAT rod is new to me...i think in some time I can get improve a fair bit..

Casting accuracy and ease of casting improved a ton too which led to more fish as well...again..with more time on the rod that's only gunna get better...these aren't creeks you can cast any ole way...inches can be the difference between s bother trout or a snag or a spooked fish..

I did spook a fair bit of fish today that surprised me...the water was clear....but I'm used to that..I think they were spooked by some pressure...and a kid on a quad..his trail crossed the stream numerous times..and I saw boot tracks periodically.. Sometimes real fresh..some old..some I thought were fishing but none followed the stream entirely.. Kinda odd..but some fish were extra spooky it seemed...

Looking forward to next time! I love spinner fishing and chasing wild trout...but I gotta admit..after my first few outings this year I was questioning why I bother driving 150+ miles round trip and hiking the miles and climbing the hills for 4 or 5 trout..I can goto a local stocked Creek and catch into the 100+ range and even some bigger fish...

I know I'm excited over a 30 trout day...but I fish stockers differently and have had 100+ trout I love the adventure behind wild trout fishing...the scenery..sights..sounds..loosing cell service..I enjoy the miles...I love the unpredictability... Where as stocked fishing..usually easy access..the hsutle n bussel of civilization.. Usually near roads, parks, houses etc. Today I saw one person...the kid on the quad...didn't see a house..couldn't hear vehicles..couldn't hear was me and the creek..and it was awesome..
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Great day Mauser!
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