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<a href="" target="_blank">BROCKWAY - A local company has an answer to the Marcellus Shale water supply and wastewater disposal problem.
Hydrofracture of a Marcellus gas well will commonly produce between 200,000 and 1 million gallons of contaminated flowback water for which management has been a question posed by many. Historically, such flowback water from Devonian wells has been treated in some form physically and chemically with subsequent discharge.

"First, you have to understand what the problem is with Marcellus water. For discharge, it has high dissolved solids and it's got one constituent which is very toxic, which is barium," chief chemist and co-owner Timothy Keister said. "Those are the two things that stop you from just being able to dump it into the creek."

A lot more to this article. Click on text to view.
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