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broadheads for Parker Enforcer 160???

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I just recently bought a Parker Enforcer 160 and was wondering if anyone knew what broadheads were best for it. If anyone has any info let me know. Appreciate it.
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I have a Parker Terminator 175 and the slick trick magnums 100 gr work great. Hit a doe at 20 yds 2 nights ago, a little high but complete pass through double lung, piled up in 100 yds. decent blood trail.
slick tricks in my bb175
I like the G5 Strikers the best, then the Slick Tricks.
This is at 35 yards out of my son's parker enforcer. The one on the left is a 100 grain muzzy, the one on the right is a 100 gr slick trick.

I actually told him to aim a little different with the second shot, cause at 25 yards the second braodhead did this to the fletch of the first.

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I have the parker cyclone and I don't know if it is possible but yesterday I took the X-bow out and screwed on a broadhead just to make sure the rumors were true.... I will be using the "Hot Shot" broadheads I got from Arrowhead which are pretty much the G5 strikers and I am almost POSITIVE they fly better than my fields points! I CAN'T WAIT TIL SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arrowhead this is for you!

My wife couldn't resist. She was hitting bulls no problem. Point and click!
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GOOD LUCK you guys!!! We are excited here too....going to be a long week (which is good cause I still got some stuff to do).
Never heard of slick tricks ... you got a lot better penetration with those than Muzzys? Same weight?
They are sharp little buggers. I got a nice cut from one saturday while removeing one from a arrow.
The slick tricks are 4 blade. Mine shoot really good. They are alittle off from field tips but just as accurate.
I have the same xbow and the slick trick 125 shot 2" to the right at 30 yds with parker carbon bolts
My personal favorite it the G5 Striker in that bow.
Thanks a lot for the posts guys. I'll look into those slick tricks and maybe give them a try. Good luck Saturday everyone.
Just got some g5 strikers tonight... thanks for the reccomendation arrowhead. I have some montecs as well.
I picked up g5 strikers and slick tricks to shoot out of my parker enforcer, the g5s were dead on with my field tips at 40 yards the slick tricks grouped well also but were low and to the right so I'm sticking with the strikers
I'm shooting great with the G5 Strikers that Arrowhead suggested. Good luck!
Well, my 2 day old Parker Enforcer has rage 3 blade right now (interim solution). But I just came back from Cabelas with slick trick 100 standards. I hope they shoot same as field points. I'll try them tomorrow AM before hunting NJ in the afternoon.
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