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Broadhead recommendations?

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I will be shooting an older model Barnett, a Ranger II. It is a 150# recurve, 10" power stroke, shooting 16" Easton XX75 2216's. I am hunting medium sized whitetail. I much prefer fixed blades. Thanks!
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Muzzy or Slick Trick
thunder heads hands down
I would try a cut on impact type head. The Slick Trick Razortrick should work well. The Slick Trick Standards should work well too. For a true fixed blade you can try the G5 Montec. They fly really well and are easy to sharpen.
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Are the cut-on-impact heads better than the chisel type (Slick Trick Standard) in medium sized game? I don't need to shatter elk shoulders but would like to be sure that if it DOES hit bone it won't be a problem. Plus I want as close to field point POI as possible of course.
I would opt for a cut on contact fixed blade. With the short power stroke of your bow, I would feel better with a tip that is cutting from the get go. G5 Montec or similar.
I went out and read several dozen reviews of the G5 Montec and liked what I was hearing. I have a set of 125 grain b-heads and set of practice b-heads on the way.
I think you will be very happy with the G5 Montec. Let us know how it does.
you should be happy with them - if not give Magnus a try
Well, my Montecs arrived today. Straight out of the package I can see why the practice broadheads are a dark gray color. That is the ONLY way to tell them from the hunting sure can't tell the difference by the edges of the blades. Not a good job kid can sharpen better than that!! Sheesh.

I have been sharpening my own knives for over 30 years now and in that time I have gotten pretty good at it. I once put a shaving sharp edge on a a teaspoon because someone told me I couldn't. So, getting these broadheads to cut shouldn't be a huge task. That's not the point though. I shouldn't HAVE to sharpen brand new ones. The back of the package is quite funny.

"CAUTION Handle product with care! Blades are extremely sharp!"

The edge of the plastic package might get ya' but the blades wouldn't cut butter.
I'd like some suggestions from those of you using a Strykeforce or any of the higher speed 350 fps+ bows. I've talked to people using other bows and they are having good success with several of the fixed heads flying down near 300 fps. Sonics and Slick Tricks were supposed to be the ones to use in the SF. Out of my SF the 125 gr. Sonics shoot about 6" high and 1" left. They are very consistent and group well, but don't shoot anything at all like my field tips. I even called the mfgr's and talked with them and soon as I said I'm shooting at 380+ they said forget it. No guarantees on performance as they have not been tested at those speeds. I got that from 2 different companies so I'm now very reluctant to try something that the mfgr will not say it even works well at all. The broadheads and field tips weigh close to the same on my scale. In fact the field tips are actually a few grains heavier. My Gold Tip Laser II's with brass inserts and 2" Blazers and plastic nocks weigh -

421.303 - Field points
424.690 - Sonic Pro Broadheads
429.174 - Sonic Pro with practice blades
(alum. nocks add about 7-8 grains)

The Sonics with either sharp or practice blades fly consistently, just not at all like the field tips. (6" high - 1" left) at 20 yds. I've even tried different field tips but no differences. It's quite an adjustment, but they are consistent. I've been thinking of adding some weight insert allen screws in the tip before I screw the blades on when I'm using the broadheads to see if that has any effect on performance. But, have not tried it as yet and am afraid what the added weight will do at longer ranges as I do shoot a lot at 50 and 65 yds.

I'm not partial to any brand of arrows, tips or fletchings, but would like to see better consistency when switching between field tips and broadheads. Most of the broadhead mfgr's unfortunately don't test their products at all in crossbows let alone the higher speed bows.

I'm always looking for new ideas.

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In a Strykeforce at 380 fps? I'ver heard over at CN that Thunderheads don't fly well in high speed bows. Great cutting blades but a little large.
I will be doing some testing very shortly at 364-366 f.p.s. I'll try to remember to post the results. G5 -- Montec and Striker will be the test for now.
Also, those who have tried them need to use 5" vanes to get them to fly right.

As of right now Razor Tricks are on my list to try. I only wish some of these companies would test with crossbows.
I try to test everything....but the crossbow market is moving at a very fast pace right now. It's good from a consumer standpoint....but a nightmare for us dealers. Lots of new products means lots of testing.

Also, I have a feeling they do test with crossbows. The results aren't that good so they don't publish what the are finding out. Slick Trick is obviously testing some with crossbows as they released the 175 grain X-Bow heads this year.
Okay, I finally got to go out and shoot for an hour or so today. I was shooting at 15 yards to familiarize myself with my xbow and was hitting 2" consistently with 125 grain field points. After 30 shots or so I fired off a pre-season 125 grain Montec to see how it flew...hit 3" below the POA. I fired the other 2 to see if I had pulled the first one. Both of them hit 2 1/2" - 3" below where I was aiming. This is only at 15 yards mind you. That will not do at all. So here I sit with (3) once-fired 125 grain pre-season Montecs and (3) 125 grain heads (not the new CS model) that have been sharpened but never shot. They aren't doing me any good as I am switching to something lighter. Anyone give me $40 delivered for them?
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