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With all the recent banter about Brazil and Rio de Janeiro with their Olympic bid. Now is a great time to bring up Brazil and the case study they provide for why gun control is completely worthless!

It is interesting that the CDC study on firearms deaths in the world mentions Brazil as the second highest country in firearms death rate. Brazil has some of the most rigid gun laws in the world. Since 1936 all firearms must be registered. No handguns with ammunition more powerful than .38 Special (9mm Short for pistols) are allowed for civilians. Rifles and carbines are only allowed if they fire handgun ammunition (the only center fire rifle cartridge allowed is the vintage .44-40 WCF). No center fire semi-automatic long guns (rifled or smooth bore) are permitted. Black powder muzzleloading guns are considered
firearms like any other and subject to the same rules.

A Brazilian citizen must not have, at any given time, more than two handguns, two rifled long guns and two shotguns. Only shooters or collectors registered within the Brazilian Army may have more guns than this figures. Citizens are not allowed to buy more than one gun per year. Reloading is permitted only for shooters belonging to a shooting club and reloading supplies are strictly controlled by the Brazilian Army. Only trough the shooting club is it possible to buy reloading supplies.

If one is caught with a gun without a permit, it doesn't matter if it was being carried or just transported (a registered gun unloaded and locked inside a box, for instance) it is a crime and one can face two years in jail for that (four years if it was a illegal gun).

Permits for transportation must be obtained at the central police office downtown and it usually takes a week to be ready. Official carry permits do exist, but is very difficult to get one (there is a black market for concealed carry licenses).

Gun stores are not allowed to sell second hand firearms and taxes on guns sales are the highest in the world (81%). Waiting periods for registration average 30 days, but in Rio de Janeiro state it could reach 3 month.

Obviously, all these controls have lead to a huge black market. Brazil is one of the few places in the world where one can buy an illegal handgun cheaper than in gun stores (about one third of the price for a Brazilian made revolver). In the neighboring countries there are gangs specializing in smuggling guns through Brazilian borders. Brazilian drug gang members carry AR-15, M-16, SIG 551, HKG3 and AK-47. They have no problems getting these weapons. It is quite common to see them using tracer bullets in their shootings (also forbidden for Brazilian citizens).

The violence rate is incredible. Incredible shoot outs that make the North Hollywood bank shoot out look mild. Brazil leads the world in the number of private citizens who have their personal cars armored! Every day middle class citizens are paying to have their Civics and Cobalts armored. Murder and robbery rates make NYC look like a peaceful rural Pennsylvania town...

If one still believes in gun control, Brazil's example is worth examining.

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More like Jester of the Court.

Problem with the anti-gun crowd is that they don't care that these policies and laws don't work. Nor does it matter how much proof is presented to them that they don't work, they want them anyway. Einstein's definition of crazy certainly applies here...doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results each time
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