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Brassicas & clover mix?

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I'm going to try & plant the last week of July, a clover /chickory & brassicas mix on a plot that is 450 feet by 20 feet wide. I'd say it's about 1/4 ac. if my math is right.

The brassicas is going to be a cover crop & I was wondering how much seed you would mix in. The clover / chickory seed that I bought is for a 1/2 ac. so I can just use half the bag. Thanks Joe
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A pound maybe, no more. Not sure I'd mix it in with the clover/chicory tho. Spread it separate from those.
How come. I thought I read on this site that this has been done. If not Brassicas, what would you use as a cover crop.
Joe, my first year in planting, I did the Clover/Chicory and Brassica thing all together. The Clover does not grow. The Brassica just outgrows it and chokes the Clover out.

Now the second year the Clover/Chicory will regrow as it's a perennial and the Brassica is not.
joe8768 said:
How come. I thought I read on this site that this has been done. If not Brassicas, what would you use as a cover crop.
You said you have a quarter acre, so, most brassicas are planted, when alone, at 5-6 lbs per acre, but you are using it as a companion crop, so, you cut back on it even further.

I didn't say not to use brassica, you need to use them at the right rate so they don't shade out the clover.
If this is your first try at a plot. Let me recommend a winter wheat and dwarf essex rape. Forget the clover until you get better grasp of planting plots. The rape and wheat will grow nicely and you will get to see some success for your first plot. The deer will eat it too! Save your money for clover when your plot gets worked up a few times.
Excellent advice!
For your first plot, i would go with a mix,
Purple top turnip/Rape and winter wheat.
This is my sixed year doing food plots. I have several types of plots ranging from small hunting plots up to my main 1 ac. clover plot. Over the years, I have frost seeded all the clover plots, but I feel I'm started to lose the war to grass & I want to make some new clover / chickory plots. Last years soil test came back at 6.5 PH, so I'm happy with that & will be adding another 200lb per 1/2 ac to my plots.

I also have two-1/2 ac. plots ready for Brassica & maybe winter weat which I ordered from Agway. (I tried for 3 yrs to get WW) They said they could get it for me.
I got my wheat from a local farmer, right out of his bin! It was not "certified" but grew like crazy! Still growing today from the fall planting. Was very inexpensive and will be in all my plots as a great nurse crop. Grows fast and tall, its a "feel good" food plot ingredient, because it sprouts fast and will grow anywhere.
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