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Bradford Co. gas business

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Bradford county is very active with pipeline companies,siesmic testing and well drilling. what is it like in other counties?
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I am in Warren center Bradford county anyone have a contact person in bradford Chesapeake not signing anymore up in warrencenter anymore names???
Check with your neighbors and see who owns their leases. Is there any companies drilling in your area? The price of gas has slowed down the mad rush to lease but in this area the companies drilling are still willing to lease.
chesepeake offered me 20% royolity but no upfront bonus i said no .southwestern has to wait for the new budget #s. id like to sign a lease but may be too late .the guy matt from chesepeake wasnt ver y helpful and didnt seem to wanna be bothered . the southwestern guy seems good so im waiting for a response
Just got a call, 6 wells gone in, and my property will hold one of them.
Bradford Co. April 10th, 24 wells approved for Chesapeake.
April 13th 6 wells approved for Burlington twp.
April 16 EOG filed 5 applications for Springfield twp
heard of any permits for Monroe township
Judd- 6 wells
Strom - 6 wells
Arnold- 1 well

all chesapeake, all monroe twp. judd and strom were permited in 2008, the arnold well in 2009.
Thanks Buzz ,I am about 3 miles from Arnorld and have a stake on our property but nothing else told to us by chesapeak.
Chesapeak was here yesterday explained how they were going to put in a pad soon and how they were going to approach it.
They have had a stake marked out on us since about March this is the first time they had approached us and had my dad sighn papers.Hope it don't hurt to much..
May has been a busy month for permits in Bradford co, many permits being applied for and approved every week. when they get rolling with drilling all these sites it's going to be crazy around here!!
Chesapeak representative said they would like to have something like 15 rigs in Bradford county by sometime in June.And that they were trying to knock the time of drilling one down to 21 days.
somewhere around 180 wells permitted in Bradford County this year, total of around 280 counting last year.......and it's only june 1st??
Any news as of late up in Bradford CO.? I know the local economy could use the boost according to one of our neighbors. Hopefully it helps out...
There seems to be a lot of activity in the drilling industry up here but not many jobs for the local people from what i hear most of the better paying jobs are filled by experenced people that come with the drilling companies.
Bradford county is really hurting right now. The jobs are leaving and the people can't sell ther homes anyway. Too bad the wells don't help the local community.
That was my fear when there compnaies came in. They promised all the jobs but the guys that came in were full of Texas draws and southern yang. What about the local worker. Even it it is doing a laborers job ,it's a [censored] job. Sad to see, very.
i also wish there were more jobs for locals, BUT, the gas business has created a lot of work for local people. its just not directly for the gas company's.

resturaunts are busier, hotels are booked full, hardware stores , equipment rentals etc.

gravel pits crushing more rock and dump trucks hauling to build pads and roads to get to them . dump trucks hauling sand for pipelines. local water trucks running etc

it could certainly be better, but this business has brought some very needed work to our area, even though most of it is through service companys , its still better than no work.
It's all about the truckers isn't it Buzz!!
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Bud George has a hb1489 to tax the drillers and set aside the money to redress the problem of poisoned wells. Clinton County drillers were fined because the cleanup done on the water used in the fracking process still contained poisons and was dumped in a part of the Susquehanna watershed. I drink that in my faucet in Swatara Twp. outside of Harrisburg. My grandkids drink well water in Blair and Fulton Counties. The Fracking process is deletrious to our water table. We can not seek redress for problems due to the Energy Bill passed in 2006 that has the Halliburton Loophole. Guess who is coming to the Lycoming Mall at the invitation of Rep. Garth Everett and Sen. Eugene Yaw on Sept. 15th to hire about 560 people to work under subcontracts to the drillers who have permits... Yep, Halliburton who does not have permits. I hope you all can deal with their security teams from Xe or the old Blackwater. It is not just about noise, the critters need chemical free water (not just some soap bubbles in this waste water) just as much as you and I need it.
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jj103.5 said:
It's all about the truckers isn't it Buzz!!

percentage wise, a lot higher percentage of farmers had their income significantly boosted from gas lease money, not to mention the wells.

i think that jj will agree that that is both a good and bad thing for area farming. it's a good thing that most farmers will get enough money to retire from this,,but a bad thing that it will certainly mean a lot less actual farmers in bradford county.
we'll just have to deal with a bunch of rich retired farmers

meanwhile, don't worry about us truckers, we'll just keep working hard 7 days a week till we die
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